Community Impact

Since opening our doors, over 7,800 children have walked up our step and through our door.


Last year, 261 children were referred for forensic interviews and 201 children were referred for medical exams.

321.5 hours of community based therapy sessions were provided

93.5 hours of virtual therapy sessions were provided

94 Jefferson CAC clients were provided crisis intervention

200 children were provided school-based crisis intervention

In Their Own Words

What did you appreciate the most about your experience at the center?

The staff are genuine and made me feel comfortable right away. I can tell they’ve worked with a lot of children. I would recommend this center to any child who went through abuse. Even I got to let some feelings out that I’ve kept for so long.


In the beginning, I was still paranoid from the trauma. I didn’t feel safe in my own home and thought I would never heal. To my surprise, I’ve reached a point where I no longer even think about the trauma and it no longer affects me. It’s a long, slow process but trust the process, you’re in good hands.

Sexual Abuse Survivor/JCAC Client, 16

Thank you. Never thought I’d be here, but it’s in the truly crummy times that you meet the truly good people.