Abuse Prevention

All children deserve to grow up free from harm. As adults, it’s up to us make sure that happens. Child abuse prevention is a shared responsibility and the more we learn, the safer our kids will be.

The Jefferson Children’s Advocacy Center is proud to offer education programs for both kids and adults.

Adult/Caregiver Focused

Child Abuse & Reporting 101

What constitutes abuse? How do I know if I need to make a report? What are ACEs? These are just some of the topics addressed in this informative training. Participants will learn about abuse dynamics, the impacts of abuse, mandated reporting, next steps and the recovery process.

Minimal Facts & the MDT Process

Mandated Reporters will learn about the Multidisciplinary Team process, the impacts of disclosure, how to conduct a minimal facts interview and what happens after a mandatory report has been made.

Child Focused

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education Program

Geared towards elementary school children, participants learn about Internet & body safety and what to do if an unsafe situation arises.