Drinks and snacks are provided to victims and their families while at the Jefferson CAC.

• soft drinks, bottled water, fruit boxes
• individually-wrapped snacks


Forensic Interview Program

Approximately 120 – 150 DVD-Rs are used per month (2-3 DVD-R’s per child) and 50 folders (for resources given to each family).

• Standard grade DVD-R’s (new, unwrapped)
• Slim Clear DVD Jewel Cases (new, unwrapped)
• 2 pocket folders


Therapy Program

Each child that participates in a forensic interview is eligible for short-term, trauma-focused therapy, free of charge.

• construction paper
• stickers & other rewards for ages 2-14
• ink pens
• art supplies & craft kits


The 12 counseling sessions can also be sponsored:
1 – $75 3 – $225 6 – $450 9 – $675 12 – $900


Darkness to Light Stewards of Children (D2L)

Every adult that participates in this evidence-based, child sexual abuse prevention program has the potential to protect up to 10 children from becoming future victims.

• D2L Training Booklets – $10/each


Waiting Room

• Puzzles, coloring books



• copy paper
• file folders
• file labels
• 9×12” gum & clasp sealed manila envelopes
• fine point black Sharpies
• blue & black roller ink pens
• rubber bands, paper clips, standard staples
• postage stamps



• paper towels, toilet paper, napkins
• paper plates, spoons, forks, knives


Persons interested in helping the Jefferson CAC can also make financial donations via check, PayPal and gift cards.  The Jefferson CAC is a community-based 501 (c)(3) non- profit organization – all donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.